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It is possible that 7 of every 10 Americans have lost assets or unclaimed property being held by the Government!
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Unclaimed Assets or Lost Property can have many sources:
¤ One must initiate an unclaimed asset search - neither state or federal government agencies holding unclaimed assets will make much effort to contact the rightful owner.
¤ Although claimed by other websites, there is NO national database for unclaimed assets.
¤ State unclaimed property databases only cover a fraction of the total of unclaimed accounts.
¤ Unclaimed assets or lost property which is being held by a Federal Agency such as IRS refunds, HUD refunds, Social Security benefits or Veteran benefits etc will not show up in state databases
¤ There is no central database for some unclaimed assets and will require some research.
¤ All unclaimed assets have a statutory time limit before being transferred over to the custody of a government agency that will vary from state to state and according to the type of unclaimed property.
¤ Any website which delivers an "instant' search reply has not covered or searched all sources for one's unclaimed assets or missing money.
¤ Never pay a finder's or Tracer's fee in the amount of 25%+ of the unclaimed asset or lost property.
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AMERICAN REFUND SERVICES for years has been assisting others in locating and recovering unclaimed assets and lost property. Our staff has access to over 180 databases and the expertise to locate other more difficult unclaimed assets. Our service includes:

¤ Perform the initial search for your unclaimed asset or lost property in our updated databases.

¤ Search other sources for your unclaimed asset or lost money - even hard to find "pre-escheat" claims (money or property that has not been turned over to the proper government agency).

¤ Once we have located your lost asset, we will send you the source of your unclaimed asset and the contact information to file for your claim. NOTE: The value of some unclaimed assets cannot be revealed by law such as unclaimed stocks, bonds or personal property.

¤ We also will send you the appropriate form to initiate your claim.

¤ You will have access to our database of all vital record offices both state and federal - their current addresses and phone numbers.

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The estimated amount of unclaimed money and assets being held by Government agencies is in excess of $38 billion. These unclaimed assets become abandoned according to law when contact with the rightful owner is lost - due to a death, an unreported change of address, a divorce or marriage change of name, simply just forgotten by the owner or due to incomplete government or holders' records.


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Once there has been a 'failure to communicate' with an asset for a specified number of years, institutions or companies such as life insurance companies, banks, utilities, stock brokers and employers by law must remit these unclaimed assets over to a government trust account. Unfortunately, these government agencies make little effort in trying to contact the rightful owner or beneficiaries of these unclaimed assets or lost money. More than half of all the unclaimed accounts are held by Federal Agencies and therefore will not show up in State unclaimed property databases.













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